Company Vision

C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc. was recently asked, "Where do you see yourselves in 5 years"? There is no reservation nor hesitation in our thinking towards the horizon as we look into the future. C.S. Aguirre's consistent growth establishes a solid authority position within the fabrication industry. We know the opportunity is there for us to seize and capitalize and through that understanding we are making efforts to expand in the areas of equipment, technology and efficiencies. We maintain a very bold stance in our thinking, because it is this very same confidence, but yet flexible position that has proven to be very effective for our customers and C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc.

In the next 5 years we plan to expand to twice our size, nearly triple our production and capacity and attempt to exceed twice the tonnage that we are currently producing today. As a company that is defined by its core values, we feel that if we maintain our production standards while consistently increasing our expectations, these goals are very well attainable.