Core Values

C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc. has managed to remain a stout competitor due to some very basic principals. Our guiding principals revolve around common and essential business practices.

Customer Service

Our goal is to deliver fabricated componentry and products to clients with the intent to exceed the minimums, surpass the standards and underscore our services through fabrication excellence. Throughout the lifetime of C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc. from inception to present, customer service has always remained a top tier feature of our business. This essential business element is one of the reasons why we are a major competitor in the fabrication industry; serving states nationally from the west coast to the east coast.

For our new and potential business, we invite you to try our company approach and experience what makes us a viable solution for your next project.

Quality & Control

Our quality and control process has set the foundation for C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc. to deliver complete and accurate assemblies. We use state of the art machinery, engineered driven concepts and practices to insure that our customers receive quality fabricated systems. We understand that quality and process control help streamline our business which thus reduces cost for client. At C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc., stream lining our quality and control processes enables our company to be a choice provider of fabrication services.

Streamlined & Accurate

In our day to day routine, our company, works diligently to supply our fabrication clients with accurate and detailed bid proposals. In certain cases, clients have used our platform of bidding to set the standard and bar for our competitors to meet when proposing an offer for a project. A family of engineers and deep rooted workmanship, yields such results. We transfer this same energy into our production, fabrication and bid proposals in order to deliver efficient and accurate services. For over three decades, our company has internally refined these processes and are always seeking to improve our production and accuracy of our assemblies.