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Compressor Stations
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Compressor Stations assist in the overall delivery for the Midstream industry moving gas from the well to the plant and from the plant to the sell. It is a tool for infrastructure pipelines. This is critical for the industries needs in distributing gas.

C.S. Aguirre & Sons Inc. fabricates structure steel components such as compressor floors, building walkways, platforms, pipe supports and pipe clamps for the compressor station gas industries.



C.S. Aguirre & Sons commits to the overall industry wide demand for compressor station solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our company recognizes the demand for such a vital component and we have chosen to integrate ourselves as an experienced leader in the compressor station industry. With compressor stations varying in a wide range of sizes, C.S. Aguirre & Sons is capable of accommodating all sizes of compressor stations projects per the customer specifications.


C.S. Aguirre & Sons realizes that compressor stations are deadline driven features of the oil and gas industry.

C.S. Aguirre & Sons at times encounters varied size projects simultaneously within the compressor station industry and we have learned that efficient and effective workload management is essential in timely delivery of multiple stations.

Usually consists of intricate design with numerous components that require extreme attention to detail.

Majority of projects consist of light to medium weight fabrication which typically is labor intensive.

Schedule driven based upon construction in the field and overall goals of the client.


Typically complex and maintain multiple facets for every build.

Equipment and manpower enables multiple projects simultaneously

Accurate estimated time deliveries

Compressor station projects on average account for 50% of our annual total sales.