C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc.

C.S. Aguirre & Sons, Inc. is a family owned fabrication company located in Odessa, TX specializing in structural steel fabrication and piping fabrication for the oil and gas industry. Our manufacturing facility is strategically positioned in the Permian Basin which is essentially the heart of oil and gas production. That being said, we do not limit our services only to the surrounding area but are constantly providing competitive pricing that allows us to perform work for projects all across the United States.


C. S. Aguirre and Sons, Inc. has been working with myself and other companies that I have been involved with for over 20 years. Reason for the repeat work is C. S. Aguirre And Sons, Inc. take pride in their work and it shows in there finished product. They are competitive during the bidding stage, able to meet schedules once they are awarded a project, and the quality of the fabrication allows for ease of installation in the field which save us man hours and man hours is money. I would recommend C. S. Aguirre and Sons to anyone needing structural fabrication large or small.

Troy L. Castleman
General Manager
Copperhead Pipeline and Construction, Inc.

C.S. Aguirre & Sons has consistently supplied our structural steel for our projects on or before schedule and have delivered quality fabrication that is fabricated correct and is built in a fashion that allows us to assemble with bolted connections thereby eliminating field welds that would have required field coating of paint or galvanizing. The quality work and timely deliveries allow us to complete our projects for our clients on schedule and eliminate issues with inspection due to quality issues.

I have known and utilized C.S. Aguirre & Sons for more than 28 years to fabricate and ship our structural steel requirements to projects located from coast to coast and border to border for all of the major Oil and Gas related Companies. We have always received top quality products that have allowed us to supply our customers with good quality and timely projects that help us secure more projects.

Wayne Stringer
Sunland Construction

Ranger Plant Const. Co., Inc. has worked with C.S. Aguirre and Sons, Inc. for over 30 years and they have always provided top quality work at a very reasonable price. When their structural steel is delivered it is going to fit and you will not have to worry about costly delays associated with rework. Through the years C.S. Aguirre and Sons, Inc. have proven to be a contractor that brings full commitment to our projects. Many projects involve a very aggressive schedule and C.S. Aguirre and Sons, Inc. has successfully met the challenge each and every time. Their focus to detail, quality, schedule and budget has led to the success of each project. Ranger would highly recommend C.S. Aguirre and Sons, Inc.

Ranger Plant Constructional Company, Inc.

The company represented by the above logo is a family owned service related business that has existed for three generations of my family and 67 years. Looking back and looking forward, one simply cannot express the true value of our really good suppliers or our loyal and great clients. The credit for much of our success lies with these. Being in a service business such as we are, for us to shine, our suppliers must also. For us to be trusted, our suppliers must also be trustworthy. We are only as good as those on whom we rely for the services or goods they provide us, so that we might in turn, take quality care of those who entrust us with their Heat Exchanger related needs.

After this many years, one would think that we should already know everyone in the industry that we might need to know. But, that simply isn't ever the case. One can never have enough good suppliers and if one is to grow a business, one can never have enough good clients.

But what makes a good supplier? In my opinion a good supplier is first one that can be trusted. Trusted to handle all matters as if their future depended on what happens today. Trusted to go the extra mile, when needed. Trusted to take both pride in and pleasure from what they do. Trusted to be fair in all of their dealings. Trusted in the skills that they bring to the table. In essence what we expect of our most trusted suppliers is that they will treat us and our needs in exactly the same fashion as we are striving to treat our clients and their needs.

With that said, it is my pleasure to advise anyone who would care to read this, that C.S. Aguirre and Sons has earned the right to be considered one of this company's trusted suppliers of fabricated steel products. They have performed superbly, worked diligently, delivered on time and priced their services and products in line with the value that they brought to the table. They are not just a trusted supplier but are now one of our . . . . most trusted suppliers.

I would and often do, recommend them to anyone that I feel they might be of service to.

Dan C. Huffman Owner and General Manager
The Huffman Company, Ltd.
Odessa, Texas
Huffman Companies Serving Industry Since 1946

As a general contractor I have enlisted C.S. Aguirre and Sons, Inc. out of Odessa, TX for over thirty years to provide structural steel fabrication services. Throughout this period they have always afforded me quality and timely services at competitive prices. Conrad and his team take great pride in producing a superior product. Their fabrication is second to none in terms of quality and accuracy. They also remain attuned to their clients’ needs and take great strides to insure that schedules are met. They are flexible in addressing last minute changes and go out of their way to help projects reach fruition. I would recommend C.S. Aguirre and Sons to anyone looking for quality fabricated structural steel provided with a personal touch and honest concern for the clients’ needs.

Bill Strickland
Vice President
Integrated Services
Sunland Construction, Inc. & Affiliates